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Beverly Hills Ultimate Cell Repair & Rejuvenation Complex

  • Beverly Hills Ultimate Cell Repair & Rejuvenation Complex is composed of highly concentrated Stem Cell Stimulating Ingredients and Growth Factors, making it the absolute choice for skin regeneration.
  • In skin care, these ingredients act as messengers which can send a signal to our stem cells in the skin teaching them to regenerate.
  • These stem cells can receive messages to create proteins, carbohydrates and lipids to help repair fine lines, wrinkles and restore and maintain firmness and elasticity.
  • Beverly Hills Ultimate Cell Repair & Rejuvenation Complex, the high tech product of stem cell micro environment technology repairs DNA, rejuvenates aged dormant stem cells and enhances young and healthy skin cells to replace old cells lost during cellular turnover.
  • Beverly Hills uses growth factors, peptides, anti-oxidants, enzymes, and other ingredients to reverse cellular aging of your stem cells and create the micro environment needed to program those stem cells to produce younger and healthier skin cells and send them where they are needed.

Beverly Hills DCX Dark Circle & Puffy Eye Treatment

-The eyes are one of the most important facial features to convey the state of well-being and age.
-Taking care of the eyes alone can significantly improve the quality of one’s entire complexion.
-DCX Eye Cream is a radical Dark Circle Elimination Formula explicitly crafted to help remove Dark Circles and puffiness around the eyes, and restore a youthful and healthy appearance.
-Created with a blend of botanical proteins this invigorating cream works by stimulating blood circulation in the area, increasing the flow of blood away from the eyes, which in turn helps reduce swelling, puffiness and any tired or exhausted expression which contributes to the appearance of age.


• Reduces dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines
• Reduces the breakdown of Collagen and Elastin
• Helps reduce the presence of Free Radicals
• Soothing and rejuvenating effect with Arnica

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